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Land Mobile Radio

When lives are on the line or disaster strikes, count on Codan LMR to keep you connected.

Our range of Land Mobile Radio (LMR) products provide leading capability in P25 communications, ensuring that no matter the situation, we have a communications solution that meets your needs.

We design tough and reliable products with ease of deployment and maintenance in mind. Our range of repeaters, base stations, paging and trunked systems with supporting RF modules and software, are configurable to provide you with the best solution.

With over 50 years experience in LMR, we just keep getting better. As a communications solution provider, we give you:


Mission expertise

We form strong and close bonds with our customers to become their trusted communications provider which enables us to build the next generation of products based on their real needs.


Our reputation for reliability has been built over 50 years of delivering systems in the toughest environments on the planet. Backed by an ISO 9001 certification you can be assured that wherever you see it, the Codan brand is a promise of the very highest quality.

Anywhere, anytime

With our legendary ruggedness and power efficient products, plus global distribution and support centres around the world, all backed by Codan’s specialist field team of deployable engineers – we when we say, “Anytime, Anywhere” you know we really mean it.

Unbeatable value

We always aim to deliver the lowest total cost of ownership communications solutions through ease of use – with no need for specialist training (including multiple language variants), and having the lowest possible maintenance costs with unmatched lifespans all covered by our comprehensive 3 year warranties. It all adds up to a smart buy now, that becomes smarter over time.


Our open standards, software defined radios and modular system builds all add up to the greatest flexibility – letting you get what you need now, while we’re working on what you need next.

At Codan, we believe in giving every customer unbeatable value and products that will stand the test of time. We use our expertise and support network to ensure you can count on Codan to communicate, anywhere, anytime.