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Our Customers

Humanitarian Agencies

Codan is committed to supporting the efforts of humanitarian agencies dedicated to assisting people in need, and rebuilding lives and communities. We believe in giving humanitarians the best to ensure that when it counts, they can communicate reliably and ensure the safety of staff and victims.

For over 25 years, Codan has supported relief efforts, providing communications in disaster-strickened locations around the world, including aid agencies rebuilding in war torn countries and areas affected by tsunamis and earthquakes.

Codan proudly provides products and support to United Nations organisations, the Red Cross and Oxfam, as well as other humanitarian organisations. Codan also believes in supporting the community and as an organisation we donate to various charities such as the Variety Club.


Emergency Management

When lives are on the line or disaster strikes, Codan has proven it can be counted on to provide lifesaving communications. Codan is a trusted supplier to the emergency services where reliability in extreme environments is everything. Our products are the ideal communications solution in emergency situations and natural disasters by providing clear, reliable and fast communications without the need for existing infrastructure.

Codan is the preferred supplier of many fire and emergency departments.


Police & Security Agencies

Police and security agencies worldwide rely on Codan radios for responsiveness and reliability to provide critical protective and security services. In high pressure situations our rugged and reliable transceivers are often used in enforcement operations that protect the public and provide homeland security.

Police forces, National Guard, Customs, Drug Enforcement Agencies and Private Security firms all depend on Codan for clear and reliable law enforcement and security communications.


Military and Defence

Armed and Defence Forces choose Codan for their Mission Critical operations in extreme, often hostile environments, because they know Codan radios are rugged and reliable, and can perform in the most demanding conditions. We offer military grade portable, vehicular and base station transceivers that provide secure, tactical communications, which comply with the strictest military standards and specifications.

Codan is a recognised supplier to the US Army and our radios have supported security and rebuilding programs in Afghanistan and Iraq.


Coast Guard & Border Patrol

Codan plays a significant role in protecting our waters and borders by providing essential communications used by the Coast Guard and Border Patrol. Our radios are adaptable to all extreme environments and provide clear, reliable and waterproof communications, whether it be at sea or on land, to support critical maritime or border enforcement operations.


State Services & Utilities

Codan continues to be an important partner to government and private sector organisations, especially those operating in remote areas. Codan has become a preferred supplier in the mining and forestry industries because of the long range communication capabilities our products offer.

In addition to mining and forestry, agriculture, construction, energy, transportation, shipping, post and telecommunications, education, health, fisheries, energy and environmental protection all use Codan. Codan currently has contracts with the State of Pennsylvania and State of Texas.


Recreational Market

Codan radios have long been used by remote area travellers for vital communications where conventional means do not work. The Codan radio provides a lifeline for travellers in emergencies or when they just need to communicate with home.

The Codan radio has been popular with the recreational market for over 50 years and is commonly used by 4WD enthusiasts and Grey Nomads.