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Codan Radio Communications is pleased to announce its collaboration with ORBCOMM (Nasdaq: ORBC), to launch Codan’s ConvoyTM multi-mode telematics platform for global asset management. ORBCOMM is providing ruggedized, dual-mode hardware, satellite and cellular connectivity as well as robust device management… Read More
Codan Radio Communications is pleased to announce the launch and immediate availability of Codan Convoy™. Codan’s Convoy is an innovative communications solution which fuses the reliability, cost effectiveness and convenience of Cellular, Satellite and High Frequency Radio into an integrated… Read More
Tshwane, South Africa – AFRICA AEROSPACE & DEFENCE 2016, 14 September 2016.  The expansion of Codan Radio Communications Sentry™ product family has been confirmed with the recent announcement of the Sentry-H™ High Frequency SDR radio system.  The new system is… Read More
Paris, France – Eurosatory 2016, booth #BA607, 13 June 2016.  Codan Radio Communications has announced the release of their latest military VHF handheld radio system, the Codan Sentry-V. The first product to launch from Codan’s newly announced Sentry family, the… Read More
Washington D.C., USA – 18 May 2016.  Codan Radio Communications, a division of Codan Limited (ASX-CDA), is proud to announce the addition of John Robins to their global sales and business development team in the role of Director of Business… Read More
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA – IWCE 2016, booth #1857, 23 March 2016.  Codan Radio Communications, a division of Codan Limited, has announced the launch of its latest radio repeater system Codan Cyclone. Codan’s Cyclone radio repeater acts as a replacement… Read More
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA – booth #1857 IWCE 2016, 21 March 2016.  Codan Radio Communications, a division of Codan Limited (ASX-CDA), is seeking to immediately fill thirty new engineering positions for its expanding product development initiatives.  The new recruiting effort… Read More
Victoria, Canada – Codan Radio Communications, 16 March 2016.  Codan Radio Communications, a division of Codan Limited (ASX-CDA), has secured a $3.2M order from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service to supply MT-4E repeater systems to all nine forest… Read More
Ontario, Canada – Canadian Armed Forces Sixth Radio Frequency Conference, 1 February 2016.  The launch of Stratus Fixed Site has been announced by Codan Radio Communications. Codan’s Stratus radio acts as a stationary digital P25 repeater offering LTE/3G connection capabilities.… Read More
Adelaide, South Australia — 22 January 2016.  Codan Radio Communications has announced the launch of the Patrol Manpack, a mobile High Frequency (HF) system which expands on the strengths of their 2110 Manpack series. Codan has developed a new Smart… Read More
Dubai, UAE — 12 January 2016.  Codan Radio Communications, has announced the strategic decision to expand its Dubai sales and customer service teams. This expansion plan strengthens the Dubai office through the addition of regional sales manager roles and field… Read More
London, United Kingdom — DSEI 2015, stand #N6-350, 15 September 2015.  The launch of second generation Digital Voice has been announced by Codan Radio Communications for their High Frequency (HF) Manpack product line. The new Digital Voice feature on the… Read More
Washington D.C., USA — 14 August 2015. Codan Radio Communications has recently announced the award of a $1.1 million order for its recently launched Stratus Repeater from a government agency in the US. The award is the first major order… Read More
Rochester, New York, USA — 11 May 2015.  Codan Radio Communications in partnership with By Light Professional IT Services, has announced the recent contract offer from the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for the implementation of their national emergency… Read More
Codan Radio Communications has launched a hybrid P25 and LTE (3G/4G) communications network solution known as Stratus. The combination of technologies allows Stratus to deliver secure mobile connections wherever there is public cellular coverage and simultaneously links into analogue or… Read More
A IWCE 2015, Codan Radio will be launching Stratus – a depployable P25/LTE hybrod solution. Visit us at booth #743 for a demo.   More about Stratus: Stratus YouTube Channel… Read More
Codan Radio Communications has released the Envoy Smartlink, a device that provides both wired and wireless network connectivity into an Envoy HF radio network. “The Envoy SmartLink is the only product of its kind for HF radio. It provides convenient… Read More
Codan Radio Communications launched an upgraded 3G ALE long range communications waveform. This upgrade features faster voice and messaging, and a more robust communications connection. This is the third generation Automatic Link Establishment STANAG 4538 waveform, and it is thought… Read More
Codan Radio Communications has released Vizor Interop, as part of their Land Mobile Radio product range for the North American market. The Vizor Interop is a new transportable repeater that enables simple communication between emergency agencies on the ground during… Read More
Codan Radio has worked to successfully deploy their Envoy High Frequency Software Defined Radio with one of the world’s top humanitarian organisations. This Geneva-based organisation is mandated to help victims of war and is a source of humanitarian help in… Read More
Codan Radio Communications has launched two new transportable repeater products for their Land Mobile Radio range, HiveNet and Vizor. Suitable for even the most difficult situations that require secure fixed and mobile operation, the Codan Radio HiveNet is arapid repeater… Read More
Codan Radio Communications is celebrating the opening of a new office located in Dubai.  The demand for Land Mobile Radio and High Frequency equipment in the Middle East and Africa has increased significantly in recent years. Therefore Codan is pleased… Read More
Codan Radio Communications will be at APCO International demonstrating the capabilities of the new MRAY. The MRAY incorporates HF and LMR cross-platform technology by integrating the Envoy™ HF smart radio, LMR VHF/UHF 30 W Repeater and 3031 Crosspatch™. The final… Read More
Newton, South Australia — 11 February 2013. The CEO of Codan Limited (ASX-CDA), Mr. Donald McGurk today announced a future change in leadership of the Codan Radio Communications Division. After two and a half years of exceptional contribution to the… Read More
Codan Radio Communications has shipped the first major order of their new Software Defined Radio, the Envoy™. “The delivery of Envoy™ represents the culmination of significant research and development by Codan to deliver a smart radio unsurpassed in its class.… Read More
Codan Limited has acquired the North American market leading designer and manufacturer of Land Mobile Radio communications, Daniels Electronics Limited. The upfront cash payment of CAD $25 million is due on the date the acquisition is scheduled to be complete,… Read More Codan Radio Communications has released the Codan Envoy™, a High Frequency Software-Defined Radio Platform. The key benefit of this software-defined radio is that it, in an affordable and commercial platform, it can use software upgrades to add new capabilities… Read More
Newton, South Australia — March 15, 2012 The Codan Limited (ASX-CDA) Radio Communications division has released its military-grade transceiver power supply. The Codan 3520 Military Transceiver Power Supply is an extremely rugged, lightweight and compact unit that provides stable DC… Read More
Codan Limited is in the process of delivering radio communications systems to some Central Asian countries for contracts in support of the United States Department of Defence policies. These deliveries are due to be completed by mid-October and have a… Read More
Today, Codan Limited has launched the 3591 CES Voice Encryption unit, an evolution of the CES-128 bit voice encryption technology that has been tested in thousands of installations on the field. The 3591 builds on this existing technology and extends… Read More
Codan Limited has introduced to the New Generation Transceiver portfolio, Independent Sideband capabilities. In conjunction with the RM50e data modem from Codan, the NGT™ uses MIL-STD-188-110A/B waveforms to support data applications. This creates data rates of up to 9,600 bps.… Read More
Codan Limited has announced the decision to create the Radio Communications Division out of the restructured High Frequency Division. It was done to become more in line with a corporate strategy that is focused on providing integrated radio communication systems… Read More
Codan has been awarded a sole source contract to the United States Africa Command J6 Directorate to provide them with High Frequency radio systems. Security missions across all of Africa will be delivered with Codan MRX-I Interoperability Gateway and NGT™… Read More
Codan Limited has been given certification for the 2110 HF manpack transceiver from the Joint Interoperability Test Command. It certifies that the 2110 manpack conforms to the Automatic Link Establishment requirement of MIL-STD-188-141B, and also the Interoperability and Performance Standards… Read More
Adelaide, South Australia and Paris, France—June 22, 2010 Codan (ASX-CDA), today announced at the Eurosatory trade show (Stand #H50660) that it has named Donald McGurk as managing director and chief executive officer (CEO) over its worldwide businesses. Previously, McGurk served… Read More
Singapore and Adelaide, South Australia—February 4, 2010 Codan (ASX-CDA), today announced at the Singapore Airshow (Stand #865, Team Australia) that it has released its new 17 Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) rechargeable battery. The 17 Ah battery provides 65 hours… Read More
Adelaide, South Australia — January 7, 2010 Codan (ASX-CDA), today announced that it has released its DV AES-256 Encryptor, to further complement the encryption options available across its portfolio of manpack and NGT transceiver systems. Codan’s encryptor supports 256-bit AES… Read More
Rochester, New York — October 6, 2009 Codan (ASX-CDA), today announced that it has relocated its United States headquarters for its high frequency (HF) Military and Security Division from Manassas, Virginia to Pittsford, New York. The announcement was made at… Read More
Codan has today released to the public, the MRZ Commander System. This launch occurred today in Washington DC at the Association of the United States Army trade show. The innovative and rapidly deployable Codan MRZ Commander System is a communications… Read More
The Military and Security Division of Codan US Inc., has been chosen by US Army CECOM, New Jersey, to provide High Frequency manpack radios and base stations, valued at $5 million, to the Afghan National Police. These HF systems are… Read More
Codan Limited has announced its recognition as the Asia Pacific Tactical Military Communication Provider of the Year by Frost & Sullivan. Codan was awarded due to its exceptional contributions throughout 2008 to the Asia Pacific tactical military communications market. Each… Read More
Codan Limited (Adelaide, Australia) and Codan U.S. Inc., has announced the new RC50-C high frequency modem for the Codan 2110 military manpack radios. The 9600 bps of the new modem provides high speed transmission of imagery, email and other applications… Read More
Codan Limited (Adelaide, Australia) and Codan U.S. Inc., together announce the development of a new, centralised Military and Security Division, based in Manassas, Va. This new Division will take the reins on providing global defence and government organisations with reliable,… Read More