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Our Land Mobile Radio (LMR) solutions are based on the dependable Daniels Electronics MT-4E platform for APCO P25 Digital and Analog communications, proven to be robust and reliable in the toughest conditions. We pride ourselves on LMR infrastructure solutions that are highly reliable, have low power consumption and are rugged in design and operation.

Codan and Daniels have been a trusted names in the radio communications industry for over 60 years. Our robust, dependable, LMR infrastructure excels in a vast array of applications; from remote mountaintop base stations and repeaters, to paging, voting, simulcast and trunking solutions for city, county, and state-wide systems. Our fixed and transportable infrastructure equipment can be found in many commercial installations and in almost every Federal, provincial and state agency in North America. At Codan we commit ourselves to industry-leading service and support, and development based on industry standards including APCO P25 and in the future, DMR. It is with these principles in mind that we proudly provide the most innovative, flexible and cost effective solutions to our customers.