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Codan and Catalyst announce commercial availability of P25 Digital Wireline Connectivity

Las Vegas, USA – IWCE, stand #2743, 11 March 2013. Codan Radio Communications, a division of Codan Limited (ASX: “CDA”) and leading supplier of high reliability radio base stations and repeaters for public safety applications, in conjunction with Catalyst Communications Technologies, a leading provider of IP based dispatch solutions to the public safety mobile radio market, today announced they have begun commercial shipments of an open P25 digital interface between the two companies’ products. This integrated solution offers additional functionality and enhanced features to P25 users of Codan and Catalyst products.

The Codan digital Universal Interface card (UIC), provides a digital Ethernet connection from the Codan radio system to other LMR subsystems in a P25 network. In accordance with the TIA APCO P25 general system model, this interface interconnects the Fixed Station (Codan Radio) to a Console or RF subsystem at the Ef connection. The new Universal interface provides Codan customers with access to the Codan P25 base station’s signals including digital audio, offers new features and greater connectivity between P25 subsystems.

Catalyst’s IP|FSI™ Gateway software solution supports digital audio to the Codan MT-4 base station through the same Ethernet interface. The Catalyst software solution realizes user control and communication through an intuitive Windows based user interface on their PC with P25 portable radio users, through the Codan MT-4 P25 base station’s UIC interface card. Through this interface, users can select the desired MT-4 or other attached radio and channel that they wish to communicate with and “Push to Talk” through a simple mouse or foot pedal click.

“Our commercial delivery of the Codan Universal Interface Card working with Catalyst’s Gateway is tangible proof of an open digital interface between P25 vendors that allows Codan customers, such as the federal agencies of the US Government, to benefit from increased functionality and interoperability of their radio infrastructure,” said Robert Small, VP/GM Codan Radio Communications Operations. “Our customers have been expressing interest in an all digital network and we are very pleased to now have this capability in conjunction with Catalyst.”

“The collaborative development effort with Codan has gone very well and it shows how industry leaders working together can bring value to the land mobile radio marketplace.” said Robin Grier, president of Catalyst. “We have worked with Codan, previously Daniels Electronics, in the past for the United States Federal Government, ensuring solutions that are compatible with the radios they have deployed in their networks. This new P25 digital wireline capability represents the latest generation of digital technology and is consistent with the direction of the Federal agencies, public safety and others to deploy the latest P25 technology.”

Catalyst and Codan will demonstrate the Project 25 Fixed Station Interface at the International Wireless Communications Expo in both the Project 25 Interest Group booth (2871) and the Catalyst booth (665).  The companies will highlight advanced features like Unit ID and Emergency using the P25 standard protocols.  For the demonstrations, Catalyst will use its scalable, infinitely configurable, graphics-rich IP|ConsoleTM and Codan will use its MT-4 modular digital base station.

Codan MT-4 Digital P25 Radio systems are known for their reliability, high performance and customizability. The customizability is due to the modular construction of the transmitters, receivers and associated modules, which are designed for a variety of frequency bands from 29 – 960 MHz. This modularity allows the custom configuration of radio systems to meet users’ specific applications such as base, repeater and crossband systems. The collaborative effort with Catalyst, using their Voice over IP and IP Control technologies, has further enhanced the flexibility of Codan radios and added new functionality.

P25 (Project 25) is a public safety standard for digital wireless communications defined by the Association for Public Safety Communication Officials ( These standards enable users to communicate with other agencies and mutual aid response teams in emergencies, for the safety and security of communities across North America and the world.