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Codan and Zetron Inc announce a Digital P25 Ethernet Fixed Station Interface (FSI)

Victoria, B.C. Canada – 11 March, 2013. Codan Radio Communications, a division of  Codan Limited (ASX: “CDA”) and leading supplier of high reliability LMR radio equipment together with Zetron Inc, a world leader in providing mission critical communication solutions, today jointly announced the development of a P25 Digital Ethernet Interface between their products, enabling direct digital connection from the Daniels P25 digital radio to the Zetron Acom Advanced Communication Console System in accordance with the TIA P25 Fixed Station Interface (FSI) standard.

The Codan digital Universal Interface card (UIC), provides a digital Ethernet connection from the Codan MT-4 P25 radio system to other LMR subsystems such as IP-based dispatch consoles in a P25 network. In accordance with the TIA P25 general system model, this interface interconnects the Fixed Station (Codan Radio) to a Console or RF subsystem at the Ef connection. The digital Ethernet Universal interface provides a digital audio signal directly to the console as well as a comprehensive suite of control signals allowing the dispatch console to see and manage all information associated with a call in an IP format.

“Our existing UIC has enhanced firmware to comply with the new P25 TIA Fixed Station Interface standard and, as a result of today’s announcement, will interface to the Zetron family of consoles. This adds another key piece to the P25 interoperability puzzle”, says Robert Small, VP/GM Codan Radio Communications Operations.

Acom has a high degree of interoperable support and is capable of communications across a wide spectrum of radio bands and dissimilar communications interfaces, including conventional UHF, Selcal (MDC-1200, 5/6 tone, G-Star), P25, OpenSky®, iDEN®, TETRA, EDACS®, SMARTNET®, SmartZone®, MPT 1327 and LTR®.

“Zetron is committed to supporting P25 standards”, said Ellen O’Hara, President and Chief Executive Officer of Zetron. “We are pleased to be working with Codan to create a solid interoperability solution between our products.”