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Introducing the Codan 3591 CES Voice Encryption Unit

Today, Codan Limited has launched the 3591 CES Voice Encryption unit, an evolution of the CES-128 bit voice encryption technology that has been tested in thousands of installations on the field. The 3591 builds on this existing technology and extends completely secure communications to third party systems. It therefore allows military commanders and other leaders in the field to bridge the gap in operating capacity in fields where there are multiple vendors.

The CES 3591 is compact and can be deployed from manpack, mobile and base platforms, providing for the interoperability between numerous vendor High Frequency networks.

“The ability to interoperate securely with military and security forces is critical to their success,” said Steven Jenkins, director, Product Management, Codan Radio Communications.

“Codan’s products are ideal for this type of requirement, as the Codan 3591 unit can integrate with existing radio networks to provide interoperability between Codan radios with CES encryption, and other high frequency radios.”

The CES 3591 allows the user to easily create a secure, voice encrypted network with radios from multiple companies.

With a strong and waterproof frame, manufactured from aircraft-standard aluminium, the 3591 CES Voice Encryption Unit supports up to 98 encryption keys and also corporate/global encryption types, each with individual session PINs.  It supports manpack, mobile and base deployments, using a very low power supply and it is compatible with Codan’s KMS and KFS key-fill solutions.

Come and see how the Codan High Frequency Radio product range works, including the CES 3591, at booth #N4-571 at the Defence Systems & Equipment International trade show in London.