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Codan joins P25 Solution Centre

Newton, South Australia — 9 April 2013.   Codan Radio Communications, a division of Codan Limited (ASX: “CDA”), today announced they are officially a member of the P25 Solution Centre (PSC), an industry initiative for testing multi-vendor P25 product interoperability.

“The P25 Solution Centre is the leading advocate for demonstrating the interoperability of P25 systems in Australia and globally. Codan Radio Communications is proud to be part of this initiative, resulting in a stronger industry and further adoption of the P25 standard” said Mr Greg Bell, GM Global Programs and Business Integration at Codan Radio Communications.

The PSC provides a platform for the testing, validation and live demonstrations of a P25 network comprising of multi-vendor equipment including P25 radio and switching equipment, console equipment and RF systems.

Codan has installed and tested a (2+1) P25 Trunked Repeater, demonstrating interoperability with multiple vendors including Auria, Harris, Tait, Simoco, and Icom at the PSC Sydney site, with all systems meeting the P25 standards and requirements for interoperability, resulting in the approval and appointment of Codan as a P25 Solution Centre member.

“As the P25 standard continues to be adopted globally, it is important for hubs such as PSC to draw together industry to collaborate and promote the benefits and advantages of the P25 standard” said Mr Bell.

“From our perspective, the P25 Solution Centre is vital for industry as it is a non-commercial location in which we can bring prospective customers to demonstrate that our technology meets the P25 open standard and will interoperate with other P25 vendor products. This is important to our customers as they need to have the confidence the P25 standard will deliver seamless integration to their current and future land mobile radio networks.”

About The P25 Solution Centre
The P25 Solution Centre provides an environment that allows visitors to test and verify the equipment and applications from multiple vendors, and also confirm the value of these features to their business. Customer agencies can define the parameters and participate in the live demonstrations of equipment working together within an integrated environment. Radio terminals can be used on the infrastructure of alternative manufacturers, as defined by the end user requirements. This industry supported centre is available at no cost to potential buyers of P25 communication technology. For more information about the centre, or to book a tailored demonstration, visit