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Codan Radio Unveils Envoy SmartLink for Wireless HF

Codan Radio Communications has released the Envoy Smartlink, a device that provides both wired and wireless network connectivity into an Envoy HF radio network.

“The Envoy SmartLink is the only product of its kind for HF radio. It provides convenient wireless access for smartphones, tablets and computers into the HF radio network, giving users mobility and freedom from wired connections” said Steven Jenkins, VP and GM, HF Technology at Codan Radio Communications.

At the same time, Codan has released Independent Sideband for Envoy, increasing the data capability from 9,600 bps to 19,200 bps. With this combined, the HF data network is now double the speed and able to be accessed from any IP supported device.

As well as providing wireless access, the Envoy SmartLink enables multiple control points to link to the one Envoy RF unit. This allows system flexibility because multiple consoles or headsets can be linked to the Envoy unit from any location. It also allows for wired Ethernet connections for situations where this is  needed, such as integration into existing IT infrastructure.

“Imagine having your Envoy HF radio transceiver located at your organization headquarters, then via your Envoy SmartLink, connecting to the radio from anywhere in the world over IP. This capability is unmatched by anyone else” said Mr Jenkins.

Envoy HF smart radio is also available with a French language interface and documentation.

Visit the Envoy SmartLink product info page at: