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The MRZ Commander System is Launched by Codan at AUSA

Codan has today released to the public, the MRZ Commander System. This launch occurred today in Washington DC at the Association of the United States Army trade show.

The innovative and rapidly deployable Codan MRZ Commander System is a communications system that can support a variety of platforms such as headquarters, mobile and ground applications in their HF voice and data communications.

“Protection and security operations around the globe have evolved modern doctrine to engage ground threats imposed by insurgent forces and the types of weapons utilized within these hostile theatres.” said Andrew Sheppard, vice president and general manager, Military and Security Division, Codan US, Inc.

“The MRZ Commander system addresses these types of threats by providing rapid, real-time Command and Control (C2) communications to extend radius of operation for deployed operations.”

Located inside a standard ‘Pelican’ case, the MRZ Commander System is a 125 W high frequency radio designed to be used in tough conditions. It is a world first in high power, battery operated, lightweight high frequency systems and is created to be as portable as possible.

It is also self-contained and designed to be simple to configure for operation. The user connects the MRZ Commander System to a power source and antennas can commence communications. Rapid installations, and transfers between ground and static based platforms to mobile platforms, are some of the capabilities that make the MRZ Commander System so unique. It is also able to operate from a standard vehicle 12V accessory interface.

Designed at 50 lbs including batteries, this Commander System can be easily carried to any destination. It also provides a global interface to both AC (100-240 V, 50-60 Hz) and DC (9-36 V). The MRZ package includes rechargeable lithium ion batteries that operate up to 6 hours without charging, and create added flexibility.

The MRZ supports communications security options and frequency hopping, and is compliant to FED-STD-1045 ALE, MIL-STD-188-141B Ale, MIL-STD-110B data (with modem), and STANAG-4539.

The launch of the MRZ follows the September 2009 launch of the MRX Headquarters System by Codan. Designed to help users easily consolidate frequency, encryption, modes of operation and procedure, both system will help to successfully integrate radio networks.