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Codan Radio Communication’s MT-4E radio system set to cover Wood Buffalo National Park

Wood Buffalo National Park will soon be host to Codan’s MT-4E radio system. The national park is Canada’s largest and second largest in the world, second only to Northeast Greenland National Park. It covers an enormous 44,807 square kilometres, which is a greater landmass than Switzerland.

The solution being installed consists of a network of VHF and UHF repeaters driven by both AC and solar power, covering twelve sites across the park. Currently, the system boasts 100% mobile coverage along the two main roads as well as more than 90% portable coverage.

Year-round, this coverage will strengthen safety communications across the park.

About Codan Radio Communications

Codan Radio provide advanced communication solutions to the world’s largest security, military, mission critical and humanitarian agencies. Having established our reputation for reliable and secure high frequency systems and LMR radio networks for over sixty years, Codan Radio are globally trusted to deliver communication solutions in some of in the toughest conditions on the planet.