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Codan releases Military-grade transceiver supply

Newton, South Australia — March 15, 2012
The Codan Limited (ASX-CDA) Radio Communications division has released its military-grade transceiver power supply. The Codan 3520 Military Transceiver Power Supply is an extremely rugged, lightweight and compact unit that provides stable DC power from AC mains for Codan’s 25 and 125 watt transceiver systems. The Codan 3520 offers very low RF noise, provides 25 A output current, and supports a standby battery.

“Unlike commercially available power supplies, the Codan 3520 has been specifically designed to power sensitive radio equipment,” said Steven Jenkins, Director, Product Management, Codan Radio Communications Division.

“By offering extremely low conducted and radiated emissions, the Codan 3520 virtually eliminates interference with radio communications.”

The Codan 3520 supports parallel connection of a standby battery to provide power in the event of mains interruption, and limits the charge current to protect the battery. Codan’s 3520 suits the 2110M, 2110 and NGT™ family of radios and meets all MIL-STD-810G environmental standards.