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Codan releases the Storm and Lite for Stratus

Washington D.C., USA — APCO International, booth #1457, 16 August 2015.  Codan Radio Communications, has recently launched the newly developed smartphone app Stratus Storm in conjunction with the new Stratus Lite next generation mobile repeater and base station.

The Stratus Storm app allows users without direct radio communication systems to seamlessly communicate on their digital P25 network, creating a direct link into a wide area network accessible from anywhere with cellular coverage. The app is supported by both Android and iOS platforms.

“The addition of the Stratus Storm app provides a more robust and complete Stratus Network solution, enabling new users to be added to a secure P25 network as easily as installing an app on a smartphone, at a fraction of the cost and time to add new subscriber units” Ben Pearce the Director of Sales at Codan Radio Communications explained.

Additionally, Codan has released the new Stratus Lite P25 repeater and base station. The Stratus Lite is a compact dual-functional system which offers optional expansion to a full Stratus repeater to enable complete LTE (3G/4G) capability. Codan’s Stratus Lite repeater has all the strengths of our standard repeater options, featuring low power consumption, protective casing and fast deployment capabilities.  The Stratus Lite also gives users the ability to upgrade their system to incorporate an LTE modem, Universal Interface Card and cellular networks optimized P25 DFSI firmware to enable P25 digital communications over LTE.

“Stratus Lite gives customers the ability to invest now in the future capability of their P25 network. With Stratus Lite, they receive the repeater and/or base station functionality they need immediately, then can optimize their P25 coverage area in the future with the LTE upgrade” says Mr Pearce.

This latest release comes with the opening of a new Washington D.C. office established to better support the large Virginia, Washington and Maryland customer base with service, support and training.

Codan is demonstrating the Stratus Storm app and Stratus Lite at APCO International.