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Codan secures major order for Stratus P25 & LTE solution

Washington D.C., USA — 14 August 2015. Codan Radio Communications has recently announced the award of a $1.1 million order for its recently launched Stratus Repeater from a government agency in the US.

The award is the first major order of the Stratus network since its March launch at the International Wireless Communications Expo. Stratus is currently being tested by various U.S. agencies, with minor Stratus sales having already been completed within the public safety industry.

Codan’s Stratus system is a hybrid P25 and LTE (3G/4G) deployable network that combines the strengths of the respective technologies to provide secure wide area voice coverage. The Stratus repeater can be combined with a Stratus power center, tactical server and rapid antenna to serve as the complete Stratus Network solution, easily deployable by a single person within five minutes.

“Customers are impressed by the ability of Stratus to be deployed instantaneously, without any technical training required. With its quick integration into an existing P25 network, Stratus is giving customers the ability to communicate within their network from any location, from on the street to within buildings, eliminating black spots experienced so frequently by the majority of our customers” Ben Pearce, Director of Sales at Codan Radio Communications stated.

Codan’s Stratus provides reliable P25 network connectivity in any location with cellular coverage through use of the system’s LTE link. The Stratus network also provides high grade encryption and secure VPN connection into a local area network through double layer protection. Compatible for use with all P25 subscriber units, Stratus provides an investment in the security and safety of the community and its users.