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Dangerous Antarctic expedition? You Can Rely on Codan.

On ‘The Coldest Journey’, where the goal was to overcome the last great polar challenge by crossing Antarctica during the freezing winter, Sir Ranulph Fiennes and his Ice Team relied on Codan Radio Communication’s HF radios. They knew that Codan radios would never let them down, even in the most challenging conditions on Earth.

“To provide communications from one of the remotest and coldest places in the world you need extraordinary radio equipment that can withstand the rigours of the journey and perform in the extremes” said Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Expedition Co-Leader of The Coldest Journey and one of the world’s greatest explorers.

“We selected Codan as we knew their HF radios would guarantee communications, and they did not let us down”.

Sir Ranulph worked together with the expedition’s communication advisor Paul McCarter for more than a year to ensure that they used the absolute best communication equipment in the challenge ahead. They worked with the support of global companies to accumulate a variety of equipment that included satellite base stations, navigation equipment, HF radios, and also short range marine and land hand held radios.

Brian Newham, traverse manager for The Coldest Journey, found that Codan Radio completely changed his perspectives on HF radios, “I had previously used HF but this new equipment from Codan is extraordinary.  The ease of setup and calling with the Codan Automatic Link Establishment (CALM) is superb; it is the best HF radio I have ever seen.”

After the expedition, the HF radios were given to the International Polar Foundation, who were in desperate need for guaranteed communications.

 “The Codan HF radio is such a great piece of kit to have, and given where we are we need reliability” noted a representative from the International Polar Foundation.

The mission of The Coldest Journey was for Sir Ranulph and his six-person team to cross the South Pole in the heart of the Antarctic Winter. Something that had never even been attempted previously due to the dangers it posed. They required the absolute best equipment throughout the six month expedition just to ensure that they survived. Unfortunately Sir Ranulph had to be withdrawn not long after the expedition started due to frostbite. The rest of the team had to continue but also required extraction due to the incredibly dangerous crevassing.