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The New MRAY by Codan is a Revolutionary HF/LMR Integration Solution

Codan Radio Communications will be at APCO International demonstrating the capabilities of the new MRAY. The MRAY incorporates HF and LMR cross-platform technology by integrating the Envoy™ HF smart radio, LMR VHF/UHF 30 W Repeater and 3031 Crosspatch™. The final result is an innovative and one of a kind product that supports long distance communication between multiple Project 25 repeater sites, all using a High Frequency connection.

“Our new MRAY is the only product that offers a flexible integrated communications solution without the need for existing infrastructure. It combines Codan’s leading edge HF and LMR technologies to provide reliable, long distance communications in extreme environments, which is especially important for emergency relief and disaster response,” said Paul McCarter, Codan’s Executive General Manager of the Radio Communications Division.

The MRAY can operate as a High Frequency to 30 VHF/UHF Crosspatch system, or as a 125W, high power transportable HF base station. It can use its own battery supply or work off AC mains and has a variety of configurations ranging from GPS tracking, telephone and HF voice and data communication.

“The MRAY provides the distinct advantages of rapid deployment, ease of use, and long distance communications and portability where previously a leased line, microwave or private IP networks were the only options,” said McCarter.

Coming in the standard Pelican Case, the tough and compact MRAY can be transported in both aircraft and vehicles. It is fully self-contained and comes with some optional benefits such as a battery case, solar panels, masts and antenna.