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Codan’s New Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Provides 65 hours of Operation for High Frequency Radio Systems

Singapore and Adelaide, South Australia—February 4, 2010
Codan (ASX-CDA), today announced at the Singapore Airshow (Stand #865, Team Australia) that it has released its new 17 Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) rechargeable battery. The 17 Ah battery provides 65 hours of operation from a single charge for its 25 W High Frequency (HF) 2110M manpack transceiver. It is lighter than a standard 13 Ah NiMH battery, provides 30% more capacity, and maintains the charge 5 times longer when in storage. With the 2110M’s smart battery interface, the user can view critical data including battery life expectancy based on the normal field operational scenario of 1:9 Tx:Rx.

“High frequency radios have traditionally been larger and weighed more than squad and section level radios. This is now changing to meet the requirements of foot patrols, where the ability to lighten the load provides greater operational flexibility,” said Greg Bell, general manager, HF Military & Security Division, Codan Limited.

“Codan’s 2110M manpack transceiver is one of the lightest, feature-rich HF radios available today, coupled with a highly capable weight-to-performance ratio. The 2110M transceiver weighs just 2.9 kg, at least a quarter less than other HF radios, and when combined with the 17 Ah LiFePO4 2.5 kg battery offers 65 hours of operation in a 5.4 kg package.”