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The New Secure Tactical Repeaters from Codan are Ideal for Rapid Deployment

Codan Radio Communications has launched two new transportable repeater products for their Land Mobile Radio range, HiveNet and Vizor.

Suitable for even the most difficult situations that require secure fixed and mobile operation, the Codan Radio HiveNet is arapid repeater network solution. A mobile HiveNet repeater network can connect many HiveNet repeaters into a dependable and fully encrypted P25 communication.

 It has been designed so that it is transportable and can adjust to changing circumstances, whilst also being simple to operate. By drawing on little power at a time and having complete P25 compliance, the Codan HiveNet is well suited for undercover manoeuvres, convoys and situations where public safety is a primary concern.

“The Codan HiveNet repeater utilizes our leading edge LMR technology. A network of HiveNet repeaters provides the widest area coverage available for on-demand radio, and is the first self-healing network where repeaters can be added and removed on the fly without any configuration, making it the ideal solution for communications on the move,” said Paul McCarter, Codan’s Executive General Manager of the Radio Communications Division.

Codan Vizor, is also a transportable repeater, but withsome added benefits, making it a leading product in the industry. Links are fully encrypted with an AES-256 encryption system providing added security. The Vizor also boasts transparent communications, duplexers that can be changed quickly for added channel agility, and a customisable control interface.

“The Vizor is the smallest, lightest and most flexible transportable repeater available. It has the unique ability to operate as a base station and a repeater, making it the best option for a transportable repeater solution” said Mr McCarter.

“The new HiveNet and Vizor products exemplify Codan’s commitment to continuous investment in leading edge technology, pushing the boundaries on what can be done with existing technology and what the art of the possible is for tomorrow”.