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Codan Launches Vizor Interop, a New First Response Communicator

Codan Radio Communications has released Vizor Interop, as part of their Land Mobile Radio product range for the North American market.

The Vizor Interop is a new transportable repeater that enables simple communication between emergency agencies on the ground during a crisis. The repeater is pre-programmed with mutual aid frequencies and allows for easier communication in these difficult and chaotic situations. It can be deployed immediately to facilitate communication between ambulance services, fire departments, law enforcement, National Guard and those first on scene.

“Codan recognized a need for our first responders to be able to communicate immediately and that there currently wasn’t a product that enabled this. Utilizing the mutual aid frequencies designated by the FCC and APCO International, we designed a product that required no further configuration by first responders other than attaching an antenna and powering on” said Ben Pearce, Regional Sales Director North America at Codan Radio Communications.

As the flagship product, Vizor Interop is the lightest, smallest transporter repeater on the market. It is tough, easy to carry, has secure AES-256 encrypted communications and can be configured as a repeater and/or base station. The Vizor Interop works well with base stations, other P25 repeaters and subscribers.

“Communication and coordination during the first hours of an emergency is vital, we’ve designed Vizor Interop to help our responders talk to each other and help save lives” said Mr Pearce.

Visit the Vizor Interop showroom to download the white paper and learn more: