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2110M Manpack Chargers

  • Codan - 2110M Manpack Chargers
  • Codan - 2110M Manpack Chargers
  • Codan - 2110M Manpack Chargers

The CODAN™ 2110M Transceiver features an intelligent battery management system that continuously displays the battery condition and charging state, giving you
the confidence you need for reliable communications in critical operations.

A range of 2110M chargers are available to tailor the 2110M Manpack Transceiver to your mission requirements:

  • Fast AC battery charger
  • Low noise DC battery charger
  • Hand-powered battery charger
  • Solar battery charger

The chargers have LED indicators to show that input power is available and the status of the current charging progress. Their wide input voltage range allows for a range of supply sources.

Key Features

  • Fast AC Battery Charger

    Codan’s 3523 Fast AC Battery Charger charges the battery directly and 3x faster than the low noise 3522 DC Battery Charger. It does not support charging via the front panel. The 3523 is recommended when using the Manpack with multiple battery packs so the transceiver can be powered via one battery pack while the other is recharged.

  • Low noise DC battery charger

    The low noise 3522 DC Battery Charger enables charging of batteries close to the radio without causing interference during normal transceiver operation. With the use of detachable leads, the operator has the option of charging the battery via the transceiver’s front panel or by direct
    connection to the battery. The front panel connection enables charging while operating the transceiver.

  • Solar battery charger

    A rugged, foldable 25 W solar battery charger that uses solid state, thin fi lm solar technology to meet your mobile power needs. It charges the battery by direct connection to the battery or via the transceiver’s front panel.The charger is lightweight, weatherproof, UV resistant, and durable with a tough rip-stop nylon backing. **See datasheet for specs.

  • Hand-Crank battery charger

    A portable hand-crank battery charger that is compact, lightweight, and encased in a robust and waterproof aluminium housing. It charges the battery by direct connection to the battery or via the transceiver’s front panel. The charger comes with easy to use accessories, including a
    foot stand and tree clamps, for simple operation in the field — all stored in a convenient canvas carrying case.

Specs (3522/3523 chargers)

  • Input voltage

    3522   12 to 60 V DC
    3523   90 to 264 V AC 50/60 Hz

  • Output voltage

    15.5 DC

  • Current

    3522   1 A DC maximum
    3523   3 A DC maximum

  • Operating temperature range

    0 to +40°C

  • Storage temperature range

    –30 to +40°C

  • Connector

    Detachable input and output leads for charging via 2110M front panelconnector or battery connector
    Detachable input lead
    Detachable input and output leads to charger and battery

  • Dimensions

    102 mm W x 250 mm D x 45 mm H (with connectors)

  • Weight

    3522   0.5 kg
    3523   0.5 kg

  • Material

    ABS plastic

  • Colour


  • Approvals

    CE, C-tick, N Mark

  • Environment