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3031 Crosspatch (HF to V/UHF)

LOOP Codan - 3031 Crosspatch (HF to V/UHF)

Codan’s leading edge 3031 crosspatch is an effective and affordable solution to extend a VHF/UHF network’s reach beyond the horizon. By connecting the 3031 Crosspatch to a Codan NGT™ transceiver, you can carry ‘HF on your belt’ while you’re away from a base or vehicle using a VHF/UHF handset.

Key Features

  • Easy to use

    The 3031 Crosspatch uses a straightforward set of over-the-air DTMF tones or Press-To-Talk (PTT) clicks from a VHF/UHF radio to initiate calls from a Codan HF transceiver.

  • Easy installation

    When a 3031 Crosspatch is connected with a VHF/UHF unit and Codan HF transceiver, the crosspatch is automatically enabled.

  • Designed for mobile use

    The compact and lightweight 3031 Crosspatch is ideal for vehicle installations where space is limited and ruggedness is vital.

  • Compatibility

    The 3031 Crosspatch complements any existing VHF/UHF radio network, using industry standard DTMF signalling and a flexible VHF/UHF hardware interface

  • Rugged and reliable

    As with all Codan equipment, the 3031 Crosspatch is a rugged and reliable unit that thrives in extreme conditions, and comes with a full three year warranty.


  • VHF/UHF Tx signal level

    10 mV p–p to 3 V p–p, nominal

  • VHF/UHF Rx signal level

    10 mV p–p to 3 V p–p, nominal
    600 Ω output impedance (selectable)
    Balanced/unbalanced audio (selectable)

  • Operating voltage

    9 to 16 V DC

  • Power consumption

    Less than 100 mA (13.8 V supply)

  • Environment: Ambient temperature Relative humidity

    Less than 100 mA (13.8 V supply)
    95% non-condensing

  • Size

    140 mm W x 65 mm D x 31 mm H

  • Weight

    0.2 kg (0.5 lb)

  • Sealing