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9103 Base Tuner

LOOP Codan - 9103 Base Tuner

The 9103 Antenna Tuner operates with most end-fed long wire and whip antenna systems in fixed land station applications.

The 9103 Antenna Tuner features an in-built memory, which stores the tuning configuration used to tune a particular channel frequency.

Housed in a weatherproof case, the 9103 Antenna Tuner is supplied complete with mounting bracket, 10 or 30 m control and coaxial cables and an installation and operation handbook.

Key Features

  • In-built memory

    Codan’s 9103 Antenna Tuner features an in-built memory to store hundreds of individual tuning configurations.


  • Power rating

    150 watts (PEP) voice
    125 watts (PEP) multi-tone data modem

  • Size and weight

    284 mm W x 70 mm D x 350 mm H; 3.5 kg

  • Power requirements

    12 V DC nominal (supplied from the transceiver or power amplifier)
    0.9 A nominal

  • Input impedance

    50 Ω

  • Length of antenna

    Length of antenna feeder and earth connection — 3 m minimum
    (tuning range 3.3 to 30 MHz)
    Recommended maximum length — 15 m
    (tuning range 1.6 to 30 MHz)
    Length of antenna may need to be varied slightly to cover all frequencies in use

  • Operating temperature

    –35 to +70°C


  • 1.8 m copper clad steel earth rod complete with copper strip and clamps

  • Copper earth strip 50 mm x 0.46 mm (26 gauge) for connecting transceiver and tuner to an earth point (supplied per metere)