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9390 Tuned Dipole Antenna

LOOP Codan - 9390 Tuned Dipole Antenna

The 9390 Automatic Tuning HF Dipole is designed for tactical and fixed base station applications where rapid deployment or simplified installation in space restricted areas is required without compromising quality of communication. The ultra-compact 9390 HF antenna system is optimised for both short and long distance communications.

The 9390 antenna is an automatic tuning HF dipole with continuous frequency coverage throughout the 1.6–30 MHz HF band. It radiates with omnidirectional pattern in both vertical and horizontal configurations. When installed horizontally at 5 to 10 metre heights, 9390 antenna exhibits excellent NVIS performance. A built-in broadband receive amplifier and a low insertion loss RF-circuit ensure excellent receive and transmit performance. With ultra-fast tuning and 200 W power handling capability, the 9390 antenna is an ideal portable broadband HF field antenna for data and voice communications in conventional, and 2G and 3G ALE secure data and voice.

Key Features

  • Fast memory tune

  • Exceptional weak signals performance

  • Supports 2G and 3G Automatic Link

  • Rapid Deployment using quick-lock


  • Transmit Frequency Range

    1.6 to 30MHz

  • Receive Frequency Range

    250KHz to 30MHz

  • Power Rating PEP Voice/Data


  • Tuning Speed Specifications

    730 ms average for new frequency
    385 ms average for memory tune

  • Current Draw – Static