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2110 Manpack Batteries

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The 2110 Manpack Transceiver features low current consumption and Codan’s intelligent battery management system, which makes it easy to manage your batteries and reduce operational costs.

The 2110 continuously displays the battery condition and charging state, giving you the ultimate confidence in mission critical operations.

Three battery types are available to tailor the 2110 to your requirements:

  • Nickel Metal Hydride 8Ah
  • Nickel Metal Hydride 13Ah
  • LiFePO4 17Ah

Key Features

  • Intelligent battery system

    Codan’s integrated battery management controller continuously monitors battery condition, usage and remaining capacity, and automatically prevents batteries from being overcharged for maximum battery life.

  • Long battery usage

    Codan’s 2110 transceiver delivers the lowest current consumption of any available manpack transceiver (120mA standby current). You can operate continuously for several days on a single battery charge, without the need to lug a spare battery.

  • Durability

    Codan’s battery packs are waterproof, fully immersible to 1 m, and are ruggedised with high grade, high impact plastics. Each battery comes with quick release butterfly latches for simple attachment and reliability.

  • Three battery combinations:

    Nickel Metal Hydride 8Ah, Nickel Metal Hydride 13Ah and LiFePO4 17Ah. The battery combination you select depends on how you intend to use the 2110 Manpack. Nickel Metal Hydride batteries are suitable for heavy duty operation where spare batteries can be swapped, charged and reused on a continual basis. The Lithium Iron Phosphate battery is safe and has excellent shelf life with an operating battery life of up to 65 hours (assuming 9:1 receive to transmit ratio).


  • Cell chemistries and capacity

    Nickel Metal Hydride 8 Ah and 13 Ah
    Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePO4 17Ah

  • Voltage

    12 V

  • Operating temperature

    –30°C to +60°C

  • Storage temperature

    –10°C to +30°C (recommended)

  • Standard Charge

    Constant current between 1 A and 3 A with automatic overcharge protection (NiMh)
    Constant voltage 14.6 V, current limited to 3.48 A (LiFePO4)

  • Connector

    6 way waterproof MIL type connector

  • Dimensions

    245 mm W x 100 mm D x 92 mm H

  • Weight

    8 Ah NiMH: 2.1 kg
    13 Ah NiMH: 2.9 kg
    17Ah LiFePO4: 2.5 kg

  • Case material

    High impact polycarbonate/PET polyester
    blend, UV stabilised, flame retardant

  • Colour


  • Approvals

    CE, C-tick

  • Environmental

    Per MIL-STD-810F including shock, vibration, humidity, immersion
    (1 hr at 1 m) and rough handling