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Simplify Comms

For quick deployment of on-scene communications for global and nationally significant events, a spectrally efficient and easy to use solution is needed for agile communications within an agency. Review our solutions sheet to see how we can help.


Deploy Comms Fast

At a moment’s notice, Federal agents are dispatched across the country to support incidents and investigations. Without quick deployable communications support, they arrive at a location and have to waste valuable time waiting for onsite communications setup or for a command center to arrive for communications with headquarters. Review our solutions sheet to see how we can help.we can help.


Stratus Network

Stratus is the first deployable P25/LTE hybrid solution that leverages the strengths of both technologies to provide secure mobile voice networks. With the power of P25 and LTE (3G/4G), the Stratus radio system has the mobility of a subscriber unit in a lightweight, easily transportable infrastructure solution, ensuring complete system and network coverage from any location, whenever you need it. Housed in a rugged Pelican case, Stratus repeater integrates a VHF, UHF, 700 MHz, or 800 MHz repeater, Universal Interface Card (UIC) and LTE modem, linking instantaneously into established communications networks without requiring a hard wired Ethernet connection.


Vizor Transportable Repeater (ET-6)

The Codan Vizor is a portable and rapid repeater that delivers instant communications and extended coverage when you need it the most. The Vizor transportable repeater is housed in a rugged and discreet Pelican case and can be configured as a repeater, a base station or a repeater/base station combination. Its proven platform delivers the same features you’d expect from a site-based product such as P25 compliance, full encryption, crossband capability, and low power consumption.


Cyclone fixed site repeater & base station

Codan Cyclone is the industry’s first drop-in replacement for existing conventional core radio repeaters and base station radios that comes with a full P25 DFSI interface for future migration to a standards-based network and backhaul over Ethernet, reducing the need for costly leased lines and T1 connections. A Cyclone repeater can be used to overcome geographical features that obstruct radio communications or to extend coverage to communicate over greater distances.


Voting & Simulcast System

The Codan P25 Voting & Simulcast radio system is an elegant answer to the problem of out coverage that maintains spectrum efficiency seamless user experience. The voting system improves talk-in and talk-out coverage in problem and “dead-spots”, re-uses existing channels and allows users to roam coverage areas without switching channels. The Codan system is modular in design, scalable up to 64 sites and 64 channels, has an IP base core and supports both P25 and analog.


Trunked Communications System

A Codan Trunked Communication System enables more users to use limited channels, allowing end users to easily talk into a system without having to manually change channels. Codan's ISSI connectivity allows your Codan trunked radio system to link into any P25 compliant infrastructure, regardless of vendor. The trunked system is modular design, has a flexible form factor and is scalable to meet requirements, along with Codan's legendary reliability.



Base station radio systems are used to communicate between a dispatch/command center and mobile or portable equipped radio users in the field. Codan radios can be configured for a variety of base station applications. The simplest configuration is a basic base station in which the Codan radio communicates with a variety of hand-held or mobile radios either in analog or P25 digital mode. Codan base stations are easily configurable for a variety of applications, can withstand extreme environments and are highly respected for their reliability and durability.



Repeaters can be used to overcome geographical features that obstruct radio communications or to extend coverage to communicate over greater distances. This increases the ability of portable and mobile radio users to communicate with each other or back to the base station. Codan radio repeaters are available in analog or P25 digital configurations. Codan are renowned for their reliable and durable repeaters as not only can they withstand extreme environments, their modules are hot swappable ensuring easy configuration and maintenance in any situation.