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NGT System Programmer (NSP)

LOOP Codan - NGT System Programmer (NSP)

The NGT System Programmer (NSP) software is used for configuring the Codan NGT series or 2110 series transceiver.

It is the essential tool for anyone who needs to set up and manage HF networks with these Codan transceivers.

NSP is installed via CD-ROM and comes with on-line help information and a User Guide in PDF format.


  • Add and modify channels, modes, networks, station addresses, phone links, hot key settings and control settings in NGT series or 2110 series units

  • Print a report of all the settings in a transceiver system

  • Store the configuration data for a transceiver system on disk

  • Load configuration data from transceiver systems and edit them

  • Compare configuration settings in a transceiver with those in NSP

  • Upgrade the transceiver firmware

  • Import channel list files from the 9323/9360 transceiver programmer XP

System Requirements

  • Windows® 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/Vista/7

  • NGT series or 2110 series transceiver

  • Serial port for connecting the PC running NSP to the transceiver’s programming port

  • Programming cable