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It’s not just a challenge of system compatibility, it’s having gaps in coverage, in critical moments – when lives are on the line.

We hear you.

Maintain Comms In Buildings

When first responders enter a building and lose communications connectivity with the outside world, their safety and the safety of those they are helping is compromised, reducing the effectiveness of the operation. If your communications network doesn’t guarantee the safety of your people inside a building, you need a communications solution that does. Review our solutions sheet to see how our mobile repeaters can help.


Codan - Police

Wide Area Coverage

When radio coverage can’t be guaranteed across a Police agency’s operational area, their officers’ safety is at risk every time they enter a threatening situation. Not having access to a reliable wide area communications network within a geographic region means that an officer can’t call nearby units or dispatch and therefore cannot be assured that assistance is on the way. Review our solutions sheet to see how our solutions can help.


Codan - Police

Voting & Simulcast System

Maintain spectrum efficiency for a seamless user experience with the Codan P25 Voting & Simulcast system, which provides a solution to problems caused by out coverage. Talk-in and talk-out coverage is improved by the voting system, particularly in “dead spots” and other problem areas. The system also re-uses existing channels and allows users to roam coverage areas without switching channels. Scalable up to 64 sites and channels, the Codan system is modular in design, has an IP base core and supports both P25 and analog.


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Trunked Communications System

Allow more end users to communicate easily on limited channels without the need to change channels manually by implementing a Codan Trunked Communication System. Backed by Codan’s legendary reliability, our trunked radio systems are modular, have a flexible form factor and can scale to meet your requirements. Codan’s ISSI connectivity allows your Codan Trunked System to link into any P25 compliant infrastructure, regardless of vendor.


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Stratus Network

Ensure complete system and network coverage from any location with the Stratus radio system, the first deployable P25/LTE hybrid solution that leverages the strengths of both technologies to provide secure mobile voice networks. With the mobility of a subscriber unit in a lightweight, easily transportable infrastructure solution, the Stratus is housed in a rugged Pelican case. Stratus integrates a VHF, UHF, 700 MHz, or 800 MHz repeater, Universal Interface Card (UIC) and LTE modem, linking instantaneously into established communications networks without requiring a hard wired Ethernet connection.


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Vizor Transportable Repeater (ET-6)

Deliver instant communications and extended coverage when you need it the most with the Codan Vizor mobile and rapid repeater. The Vizor repeater can be configured as a repeater, a base station or a repeater/base station combination and is housed in a rugged and discreet transportable Pelican case. Its proven platform delivers the same features you’d expect from a site-based product such as P25 compliance, full encryption, crossband capability, and low power consumption.


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Portable Solar Panel

Power your transportable radio system anywhere with Codan’s compact solar panel package that’s easy to carry and set up quickly. The solar panels are ideal for any application that requires rapidly deployable DC power, and are made of a rugged flexible material and is rated for 60W with a 3.6A output. The panels are rated for 60W with a 3.6A output, providing sufficient power to charge the battery pack on transportable repeaters, enabling continuous radio operation at 30 watts with a 5% duty cycle.


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Cyclone fixed site repeater & base station

Extend radio coverage over greater distances and overcome geographical obstacles to signal with the Codan Cyclone, the industry’s first drop-in replacement for existing conventional core radio repeaters and base stations that comes with a full P25 DFSI interface for future migration to a standards-based network and backhaul over Ethernet. The Cyclone can be installed in minutes and reduces the need for costly leased lines and T1 connections.


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Base Stations

Codan base stations are configurable for a variety of applications, and these radio systems are used to communicate between a command center or dispatch and mobile or portable equipped radio users out in the field. The simplest configuration is a basic base station in which the Codan radio communicates with a variety of hand-held or mobile radios either in analog or P25 digital mode. Codan’s base station radios are notable for the extreme environments they can withstand as well as their remarkable durability and reliability.


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A Codan radio repeater increases your mobile radio users’ ability to communicate with your base station and each other by overcoming the geographical features that would otherwise obstruct signals, or to greatly extend your coverage distance. Known for the reliability and durability, Codan repeaters are available in analog or P25 digital configurations, can withstand extreme environments, and their modules are hot swappable, which ensures easy configuration and maintenance in any situation.


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Mass Notification System

Codan’s Mass Notification System is based on proven and robust paging infrastructure. Three types of paging are available, base station paging, simulcast paging and remote paging. All three provide instant alerts to a group or coverage region, generating an analog (tone and voice) or digital display to inform of instant action required. Codan’s paging infrastructure is interoperable with the majority of vendor products for people to carry in-person, providing a tailored solution to an organisation’s needs.


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