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Radio Service Software (RSS)

  • Codan - Radio Service Software (RSS)
  • Codan - Radio Service Software (RSS)

The Radio Service Software (RSS) is used to configure, service and test Codan transmitters and receivers.

Please visit the RSS Download Page to download the latest update.



  • GUI Windows Interface: Windows XP or later

  • Multiple Channel Programming

  • Custom Channel Names option

  • Service Mode

  • Selects modes of operation, e.g. NACs, Talkgroups

  • Selects CTCSS, DCS tones in analog mode

  • Time-out timer controls

  • Generates a variety of test patterns

Digital TX/RX (Repeater Version) RSS-4E

  • Product Code


  • Transceiver Model Numbers

    Receiver Model Numbers

  • VT-4E150-00-800


  • UT-4E450-00-800


  • UT-4E500-00-800


  • UR-4E460-00-000

  • UR-4E420-A0-000

  • UR-4E460-A0-000

  • UR-4E500-00-000