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Tactical 411 Broadband Antenna

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The Codan Tactical 411 Broadband Antenna is a rapid deploy, portable antenna suitable for NVIS and medium distance HF communications. The antenna is designed to operate over the full HF band and is rated for 125 W PEP at full duty cycle for voice and data.

The antenna is constructed of Kevlar reinforced antenna wire for strength, long life and immunity to kinking. The antenna is supplied fully assembled, complete with anchor stakes, laminated installation instructions and canvas carry bag. No specialised tools are required for installation.

Key Features

  • 2 to 30 MHz

  • 125 W RF power handling

  • Rapid deployment

  • Compact stowed size

  • Robust and reliable

  • Supports NVIS communications


  • Frequency range

    2 to 30 MHz

  • Power rating

    125 W PEP, 60 W average

  • Input impedance

    50 Ω

  • VSWR over range

    Generally <2:1

  • Radiation pattern

    Refer radiation plots below

  • RF connector type

    N socket

  • Wind rating

    160 km/hr, no ice

  • Mounting hardware

    All supplied

  • Package details (packed bag)

    5 kg, including anchor stakes

  • Suggested masts

    Codan 6 m Manportable Mast (part number 78-13035)
    Codan 10 m Transportable Mast (part number 78-13036)

  • Anchor stake spacing

    31 m for 6 m Manportable Mast, 36 m for 10 m Transportable Mast