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VoIP Remote Base Station

LOOP Codan - VoIP Remote Base Station

With the addition of a Voice over IP (VoIP) adaptor to our standard base station offering, you can create a simple IP interface from your IP console that allows you to monitor and send audio, as well as change channels remotely. 


  • IP connection from Base Station to the dispatch console

  • Digital connections over LAN/WAN for End to End Digital Audio

  • Encryption over IP connection using P25 Station Interface standard

  • Interconnection of LMR radio to other IP based communication devices (cell phones, telephones etc)

  • Modular and available in a variety of frequency bands (VHF, UHF, T-Band, and 800 MHz)

  • Configurable into a variety of different systems in a standard 19” subrack

  • Low current consumption

  • Extreme temperature tolerance (-30° to +60° C) enabling deployment in some of the world’s harshest environments


  • Leased Line Elimination - An IP connection from the Base Station to the Dispatch Console eliminates the need for leased lines and microwave sites supporting tone or E&M signalling which are expensive to own and operate

  • End to End Digital Audio – IP connectivity maintains the digital audio integrity end to end from the base station to the console eliminating analog to digital conversions and the resulting noise and audio distortion