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Land Mobile Radio

Base Stations

Stratus Fixed Site

Strtus Fixed utilises LTE for your fixed site connection to dispatch


Cyclone is a drop-in replacement for legacy products with a V.24 interface

Base Station

A trusted leader in analog and P25 Digital LMR base station infrastructure

Tone or DC Remote Base Station

From the office to the mountain: a simple addition allows you to locate and control our standard LMR base station remotely over a wireline connection

RF Link Controlled Base Station

Ability to remote the base station from the radio transmitter using an RF link

IP Interfaced Base Station

Use the power and flexibility of the P25 FSI Standard to get the most out of your IP connected remote base station

VoIP Remote Base Station

From the office to the site: a simple addition allows you to locate and control our standard base station remotely over an IP connection

P25 Repeater and Base Station

Capable of operating in analog, P25 digital or mixed mode configurations

LMR Hardware

Multiple Link Controller

Control capability for up to four reciever/transmitter pairs

Control Modules

Route audio and other signals within the radio system

System Regulator

Provide voltage regulation, system metering and audio monitoring

Portable Solar Panel

Compact solar panel package for use with transportable radio repeater family


Provide interconnection between modules via a universal motherboard

Cabinets & Racks

Housings for Codan radio systems for transportability and protection

Power Supplies

Mounted power supplies to support LMR products

Battery Backup Kits

Allow for additional 36 - 110 hours of operation for transportable radios

Blue Sky Antenna Mast System

Portable mast from 2m - 15m

Extender Cards

Used to extend individual modules out from a subrack

Auxiliary Connector and Terminal Block

Mounted on the rear of the subrack for connection to external devices

LMR Software

Radio Service Software (RSS)

Used to configure, service and test Codan transmitters and receivers

Multiple Link Controller Software

Software with GUI for programming the Multiple Link Controller

UIC-4-00 Configuration Utility

Configuration utility for Codan's Universal Interface Card


Paging System

Instantaneous alert system for group contact

Base Station Paging

Paging configuration connected to Codan radio for broadcast over the local coverage area

Remote Paging Station

Remotely operated paging transmitter connected via a repeater


Stratus Fixed Site

Strtus Fixed utilises LTE for your fixed site connection to dispatch


Cyclone is a drop-in replacement for legacy products with a V.24 interface

Repeater System

Allows extended communications coverge when geographical features obstruct radio communications

Multiple Linked Repeater

System to provide coverage over long distances and large areas

VoIP Linked Repeater

Coverage over large areas with repeaters linked over a LAN/WAN

Crossband Repeater

Enables users on different frequency bands to communicate

Crossband Link Repeater

Enables the ability of being able to transmit and receive on different bands

VHF Marine Radio

VHF marine radio for expanded radio coverage on the water

Microwave Backbone System

Allows a microwave channel to selectively access local coverage radios at multiple sites

RF Modules


High performance and low current consumption transmitter modules


High performance and low current consumption receiver modules


Power amplifiers for a variety of frequency bands and power outputs


Duplexers for all frequency bands in which we manufacture radios

Radio Station with Tone Conversion

Converting wireline control tones to CTCSS or DTMF tones

Radio Station with Channel Selection

Codan MT-4 series transmitters and receivers with 32 channel capacity

Transportable Repeaters

Stratus Lite

Repeater with upgrade path to full Stratus with LTE

Stratus Network

P25/LTE hybrid solution for secure mobile voice networks

HiveNet Tactical Repeater

Wide area radio coverage for the most demanding situations

Vizor Transportable Repeater (ET-6)

Rapidly deployable linked mobile repeater network

Vizor Interop

Communications interoperability for first responders

ET-1 Transportable Radio System Case

Weatherproof, high density polyethylene case supporting 19" subrack

ET-3 Aluminum Transportable Case

Rugged, pressurized, waterproof, aluminum 19" transportable case

ET-4 Briefcase Repeater

Rugged and easily deployable briefcase repeater

ET-5 Tactical Repeater

Smallest P25 Transportable repeater that transparently passes all P25 data including encryption

Trunked Systems

Trunked Radio System

Solution for sharing RF channels to maximise user communications

Voting & Simulcast

P25 Digital & Analog Voting

Digital voting system offering an enhanced level of functionality for conventional P25 applications

Multiple Receiver Voting

Voting system for improved talk-back capability