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Base Stations

Base station radio systems are used to communicate between a dispatch/command center and mobile or portable equipped radio users in the field.

Codan base station radios can be configured for a variety of applications. The simplest configuration is a basic base station system which has the ability to communicate with a variety of hand-held or mobile radios either in analog or P25 digital mode.

Codan also offers base station systems such as the Stratus radio which utilises wide area LTE network coverage, or our Cyclone radio repeater system with complete p25 interoperability and V.24 interface.

A Codan analog base station can operate in any of the following frequency bands: VHF, UHF, T-Band or 700/800/900 MHz. A digital base station can operate in the VHF, UHF, T-Band or 700/800 MHz bands.

Codan base stations are easily configurable for a variety of applications and industries, from police radio communications to fire department radio. Our base station systems can also withstand extreme environments and are highly respected for their reliability and durability.


Stratus Fixed Site

Strtus Fixed utilises LTE for your fixed site connection to dispatch


Cyclone is a drop-in replacement for legacy products with a V.24 interface

Base Station

A trusted leader in analog and P25 Digital LMR base station infrastructure

Tone or DC Remote Base Station

From the office to the mountain: a simple addition allows you to locate and control our standard LMR base station remotely over a wireline connection

RF Link Controlled Base Station

Ability to remote the base station from the radio transmitter using an RF link

IP Interfaced Base Station

Use the power and flexibility of the P25 FSI Standard to get the most out of your IP connected remote base station

VoIP Remote Base Station

From the office to the site: a simple addition allows you to locate and control our standard base station remotely over an IP connection

P25 Repeater and Base Station

Capable of operating in analog, P25 digital or mixed mode configurations