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LMR Hardware

With over 60 years’ experience in Land Mobile Radio, Codan has developed a range of products that support our core radio communications base stations, repeaters, paging and trunked systems.

Codan products are built with low power consumption resulting in a longer battery life and continuous operation for an extended period. With solar power options available, Codan products ensure maximum availability of communications. We also ensure maximum dependability; therefore we relentlessly focus on high reliability solutions, ensuring you have the means to communicate when it matters most.

Our products are built for the toughest conditions, withstanding extreme temperatures conditions and complying with the toughest environmental standards. We build products you can count on, backed by a global distribution and support network of over 300 companies worldwide.


Multiple Link Controller

Control capability for up to four reciever/transmitter pairs

Control Modules

Route audio and other signals within the radio system

System Regulator

Provide voltage regulation, system metering and audio monitoring

Portable Solar Panel

Compact solar panel package for use with transportable radio repeater family


Provide interconnection between modules via a universal motherboard

Cabinets & Racks

Housings for Codan radio systems for transportability and protection

Power Supplies

Mounted power supplies to support LMR products

Battery Backup Kits

Allow for additional 36 - 110 hours of operation for transportable radios

Blue Sky Antenna Mast System

Portable mast from 2m - 15m

Extender Cards

Used to extend individual modules out from a subrack

Auxiliary Connector and Terminal Block

Mounted on the rear of the subrack for connection to external devices