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Paging systems are the single most easy to deploy and dependable communications solution. Providing instantaneous communication with large groups of people, paging systems ensure important messages and instructions are received when it matters most.

When regular communication channels are congested due to an emergency situation or an important message must reach multiple people, a paging system provides a reliable and easily deployable solution.

A digital paging system can be the perfect solution for emergency radio communications, police radio systems and fire department communications to ensure all first responders in the area receive instantaneous and reliable information during those crucial initial moments.

Codan offers three types of paging systems to most appropriately meet your specific needs, including base station paging units, simulcast paging and remote paging systems.


Paging System

Instantaneous alert system for group contact

Base Station Paging

Paging configuration connected to Codan radio for broadcast over the local coverage area

Remote Paging Station

Remotely operated paging transmitter connected via a repeater