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Codan radio repeaters are used to overcome geographical features that obstruct radio communications and to extend coverage to enable communications over far greater distances. Implementing a repeater increases the ability of portable and mobile radio users to communicate with each other or back to the base station.

Codan repeaters are available in analog or P25 digital configurations. In analog mode, the repeater can be configured for either wideband 1 or narrowband operation. CTCSS or DCS operation, as well as selectable de- and pre- emphasis or flat audio can be set in the receiver and transmitter modules.

P25 repeaters can operate in analog, P25 digital or mixed mode (mixed mode means retransmitting whatever mode is received). In P25 digital mode, the repeater will pass all clear and secure (encrypted) P25 digital information.

Codan are renowned for their reliable and durable repeaters as not only can they withstand extreme environments, their modules are hot swappable ensuring easy configuration and maintenance in any situation.


Stratus Fixed Site

Strtus Fixed utilises LTE for your fixed site connection to dispatch


Cyclone is a drop-in replacement for legacy products with a V.24 interface

Repeater System

Allows extended communications coverge when geographical features obstruct radio communications

Multiple Linked Repeater

System to provide coverage over long distances and large areas

VoIP Linked Repeater

Coverage over large areas with repeaters linked over a LAN/WAN

Crossband Repeater

Enables users on different frequency bands to communicate

Crossband Link Repeater

Enables the ability of being able to transmit and receive on different bands

VHF Marine Radio

VHF marine radio for expanded radio coverage on the water

Microwave Backbone System

Allows a microwave channel to selectively access local coverage radios at multiple sites