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LMR Software

The Codan MT-4 Digital Radio systems are software configurable using a GUI based application that allows channel programming, calibration, mode of operation and tone selection to be set in software.

Codan offers a range of key software packages for our products including:

The Radio Service Software (RSS) which is used to configure, service and test our RF transmitters and RF receivers.

The Multiple Link Controller Software which is used to configure the RF receiver and transmitter links associated with the Multiple Link Controller.

The UIC Configuration Utility is used to configure the IP Address and ports for the UIC hardware.

Codan also provide a range of LMR hardware and extensions for our product range, giving you the ultimate flexibility when it comes to customising your LMR system.


Radio Service Software (RSS)

Used to configure, service and test Codan transmitters and receivers

Multiple Link Controller Software

Software with GUI for programming the Multiple Link Controller

UIC-4-00 Configuration Utility

Configuration utility for Codan's Universal Interface Card