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The Codan 2110 Manpack series transceivers are a reliable, rugged and secure solution for your portable long-distance HF voice and data communications.

Codan manpacks are extremely light and deliver the lowest power consumption of any available manpack transceiver, meaning you can operate continuously on a single charge for up to 65 hours. Comfortable to carry and packed with easy-to-use features, Codan manpacks are ideal for all types of terrain and weather conditions, complying with the toughest environmental standards including MIL-STD-810F.

The manpack transceiver and battery compartment are made from lightweight alloys and high-impact plastics, both capable of withstanding immersion to a depth of 1 m. With Codan’s encryptor options, the 2110 Series Manpacks incorporate AES-256 or CES-128 encryption to ensure sensitive information can be communicated with confidence. Models in the 2110 series have an option for internal Frequency Hopping to prevent third party interference and monitoring of classified communications.


Patrol 2110M Manpack (Tactical)

Military grade portable data and voice communication solution.

Patrol 2110 Manpack

Portable long distance HF voice and data communications solution.

2110v Manpack (Voice only)

Solution for portable long distance HF voice communication.

2110M Manpack Batteries

Durable, high capacity battery for 2110M Manpack

2110 Manpack Batteries

Intelligent battery management solution for Codan Manpacks.

2110M Manpack Mounting Accessories

Cradles and accessories for manpack vehicle or base station installations

2110 Manpack Tactical Antennas

Antenna solutions for mobile and quick deployment.

2110M Manpack Tactical Antennas

2110M Manpack antenna solutions for mobile and quick deployment

2110 Manpack Chargers

Battery chargers for Codan 2110 Manpacks supporting our intelligent battery management system

2110M Manpack Chargers

Battery chargers for Codan 2110M Manpacks supporting our intelligent battery management system


Comfortable portable solution for Codan Manpacks.