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Data & Email

Codan’s range of HF data modems provide reliable, cost-effective, high speed mobile data communications in remote areas where little or no telecommunications infrastructure exists. High performing and compatible with advanced Automatic Link Establishment (ALE), our HF modems for data and email are typically four times faster than comparable competitors’ modems.

Our RM50e HF Data Modem is a high performance MIL-SPEC HF modem, compatible with the Codan 2110 series Manpacks and NGT transceivers, operates using the most highly advanced Military Standard (MIL-STD) waveforms, including STANAG 4539 and MIL-STD-188-110A/B.

Rugged and reliable, Codan HF modems operate with Codan software, including our UUPlus Email Software for a simple and reliable solution for sending email over HF from remote areas.


RC50-C HF Email Software

Email software provides fast, efficient, error free email capability over HF radio

Envoy SmartLink

Advanced IP and data capabilities for Envoy radio

RM50e HF Data Modem (Military)

High performance MIL-SPEC HF modem.

3212 HF Data Modem

Superior modem with fast, error-free data rate.