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Power Supplies

Codan’s range of HF power supplies are designed for reliability and durability, interfacing with Codan HF radios for voice, data or fax communications.

Our range of radio supplies operate over a wide range of mains supply voltages and are protected against short-circuit, under-voltage and over-voltage in the case of fault conditions. Designed to be lightweight and rugged, with stable regulation and low noise output, you can trust Codan for an uninterrupted power supply to your HF radio. Codan also provides a low noise voltage regulator designed for use with sensitive radio communications equipment.


3020 Transceiver Supply (AC mains)

Transceiver supply over a wide range of mains supply voltages.

3520 Transceiver Supply

Rugged and lightweight DC power from AC mains.

Voltage Regulator

Low noise voltage regulator for 24 V DC to 12 V output.