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Transportable Repeaters

Codan’s range of transportable repeaters provide a portable communications solution that is self-contained and can be deployed in minutes, extending radio coverage and ensuring communication lines remain open at all times. Our transportable repeaters provide the most reliable and versatile solution for emergency radio communications, police radio systems and fire department radio.

Our transportable repeaters consist of a standard LMR radio repeater specially packaged in a briefcase for portability with all the accessories required to instantly create a local repeater site. Capable of interfacing to first responders’ handsets and mobiles, it creates a relay between first responder units and opens communications lines back to existing infrastructure, receivers and base stations.

Transportable repeaters are available for VHF, UHF and 700/800 MHz operation in either analog or digital P25 modes. They can also support cross banding to enable different agencies to communicate together. Optional HF or Satellite interfaces enable communications to remote locations should existing infrastructure be damaged or unavailable.


Stratus Lite

Repeater with upgrade path to full Stratus with LTE

Stratus Network

P25/LTE hybrid solution for secure mobile voice networks

HiveNet Tactical Repeater

Wide area radio coverage for the most demanding situations

Vizor Transportable Repeater (ET-6)

Rapidly deployable linked mobile repeater network

Vizor Interop

Communications interoperability for first responders

ET-1 Transportable Radio System Case

Weatherproof, high density polyethylene case supporting 19" subrack

ET-3 Aluminum Transportable Case

Rugged, pressurized, waterproof, aluminum 19" transportable case

ET-4 Briefcase Repeater

Rugged and easily deployable briefcase repeater

ET-5 Tactical Repeater

Smallest P25 Transportable repeater that transparently passes all P25 data including encryption