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Voting & Simulcast

Based on the versatile MT-4E radio platform, the Codan P25 digital voting system offers an enhanced level of functionality for conventional P25 applications.

P25 Voting requires no changes to existing MT-4E radios and is supported in all the P25 frequency bands including VHF, UHF, T-Band, 700 and 800 MHz. A Codan simulcast radio system ensures the best possible communication transmission is received, ensuring you are always heard, loud and clear.

Simulcast radio systems provide the ultimate solution to coverage dead spots as often encountered in fire department radio communications and police radio systems.

The Codan P25 simulcast voting system also supports simulcast operation enabling a single P25 signal to be simultaneously broadcast using two or more geographically separated radio transmitters.


P25 Digital & Analog Voting

Digital voting system offering an enhanced level of functionality for conventional P25 applications

Multiple Receiver Voting

Voting system for improved talk-back capability