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Codan acquires Daniels Electronics

On 8th August 2012, Codan Limited announced the acquisition of Daniels Electronics. Since, the team in Victoria, Canada have been busy innovating and utilsing the global resources of Codan to grow their product portfolio and introduce new products and solutions for the Land Mobile Radio market.


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Same great service

The business is now being led by Charles Stuff, with Paul Moskowitz stepping into the role of leading the sales team. Paul and the Inside Sales team in Victoria are Daniels veterans who understand the importance of retaining the same great customer service and support people came to expect from Daniels. The Outside Sales team include Rick Felt, Mark Morgan, Rick Lanning, John McGill, Pete Luness and Gary Ranson, who are working to provide communications solutions in the North American and Canadian markets.

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Why change the name?

Daniels Electronics had over 60 years of experience in North America and Codan over 50 years in developing world markets such as Africa and the Middle East. To build a global communications solutions company, we had to unite under one brand and one name to ensure customers in every corner of the world can call on us for their communications needs. We chose to capitalize on the Codan name globally, knowing that Daniels customers would recognize the same quality products with a new name.

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What's new?

We continue to focus on giving our customers niche, cost effective communications solutions tailored to their needs. While we no longer service the AM and lowband market, we continue to invest in our technology to deliver innovative, smart products that we know our customers need. In the last 12 months we have launched five new products that focus on solving our customers communications problems: Stratus, HiveNet, Vizor, MRAY and Vizor Interop.

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Stratus P25 & LTE Solution

Stratus is the first deployable P25/LTE hybrid solution that leverages the strengths of both technologies to provide secure mobile voice networks. With the power of P25 and LTE (3G/4G), Stratus has the mobility of a subscriber unit in a lightweight, easily transportable infrastructure solution, ensuring complete system and network coverage from any location, whenever you need it.


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HiveNet Repeater Network

HiveNet is a network of linked repeaters with a unique ping heartbeat that enables users to roam within the network, without manually changing channel to provide the greatest wide area coverage for on-demand radio. A self-healing network, repeaters can be added or removed on the fly with no setup required by users. The HiveNet solution provides a secure, easily deployable network for users requiring for greater coverage.


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Vizor Transportable Repeater

The Vizor is a portable and rapid transportable repeater that delivers instant communications and extended P25 digital radio coverage when you need it the most. Whether you’re tracking an asset or responding to a disaster, Vizor ensures safe, interoperable and coordinated communications between you and your agencies.


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MRAY - P25 Network Extension

The MRAY is a unique solution for linking multiple analog/P25 repeater sites. The solution integrates Codan’s Envoy™ HF smart radio, an LMR VHF/UHF 30 W Repeater and 3031 Crosspatch™ to enable long distance communications between two or more P25 repeater sites via a HF link.


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Vizor Interop - Mutual Aid

Vizor Interop makes saving lives a priority. A transportable repeater, pre-programmed with mutual aid frequencies established by the FCC which provide communications interoperability between emergency response agencies on the ground when responding to an emergency.


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